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    7-Zip is a better alternative to the paid (and less effective in some cases) WinRAR, this program even in a relatively outdated version works great on modern Windows, supports a wide range of archiving formats, including most popular ones: ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, and TAR (zipping and unzipping).

    If we take only the unpacking, 7-Zip supports more than a dozen unzipping algorithms, making it an indispensable program in conjunction with any file manager and any universal viewer.

    A unique feature of 7-Zip is creation and support of its own format of archiving data of high efficiency - 7z. According to the results of many tests, this format is able to compress data up to 70% better than the traditional ZIP method. In addition, the program supports an improved encryption of valuable data for ZIP and 7z.

    7-Zip is a GUI file manager with standard features, but it can also work as a plug-in for the FAR Manager, and even as a function of the standard context menu of Windows Explorer. Both the portable-version without an installation and the full-featured version to work from the command line are realized.

    An important feature of 7-Zip work is that it requires its own format with compression and decompression of data is much less CPU resources than usual, in addition, it implements the ability to set a very strong passwords on their own algorithm. 7z format is a free open source development, improve and correct it can be anyone.

    Thus, 7-Zip is one of the necessary programs to work with archives, fully meet modern safety requirements and is able to satisfy the needs of a professional user.





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