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    AbiWord is a full featured text editor that allows to create and to open text documents, edit, and save them (including the Microsoft Word document format).

    The main feature of the AbiWord text editor is the broad support of languages. Despite its small size, the editor allows to create documents in more than 100 different languages ​​and dialects.

    AbiWord has its own text formats, and allows to open and save documents in .abw, .awt, and .zabw format. In addition to these ones the editor supports other popular text formats including documents in the Microsoft Word format (.doc and .dot), in the Rich Text Format (.rtf), documents OpenOffice (.odt, .ott), and many others.

    The editor provides a user with a wide range features for editing and formatting text documents. A user can format a text, manage footers, insert page numbers and footnotes, as well as automatically create a content.

    AbiWord allows to insert images and tables into a text document, as well as to convert text to a table according to the rules, and vice versa.

    While editing a text document a user can activate an automatic save function after a certain period of time. This will avoid a loss of data in case of a closure of the program, or an unexpected shutdown of PC.

    Besides, AbiWord saves the history of document changes, allowing a user to return to any version of a document in case of an accidental deletion of a text or its fragment.

    Another interesting feature of the AbiWord processor is the ability to display document’s statistics. A user can see the information on the amount of pages, lines, words, paragraphs, and characters in the document.

    The unique feature of the AbiWord processor is the ability to install additions which allows a user to add to the text editor a lot of new and interesting features.

    By default, the editor includes a number of installed additions which allow to automatically fulfill a search on Google for a word or a text fragment, to export documents in an e-mail client, and also add a possibility of an import/export of additional formats of text documents.





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