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    Adobe Flash – it’s one of the oldest technologies on the Web, at the same time, however, it is also one of the most sought-after technologies. As all Adobe products it has once received the widest distribution, and it’s still used in many cases when a site needs a support of multimedia objects.

    Adobe Flash has become famous due to its low entry barrier and a large amount of teaching materials: indeed, to create a vector animation by means of this program can be done practically by any ordinary PC user, the training requires rather modest amount of time, and the Flash support is implemented by default in all the modern web browsers.

    Accordingly, to display an entire content of websites, Adobe Flash Player is required.

    Adobe Flash Player is almost never used by itself; first of all, it serves as a utility for displaying of any content. Nevertheless, many users disable the Flash (mainly by means of plug-ins for ones browser) for security purposes.

    However, that adversely affects both the appearance and the site functioning. Many web projects live at the expense of the use of advertisements on its pages, and the easiest way to write a banner is in the Flash.

    Besides, until recently, this technology was used by all popular video hostings, including YouTube, and now many sites of this kind also require included Adobe Flash Player for correct display of the streaming video.

    Adobe Flash Player must be constantly updated, including computer security reasons too. The program itself constantly monitors the most actual versions, i.e., a user will never be left with an outdated program.

    The player is very well standardized, supported as one of the modern web standards, and is simply required for a comfortable Internet surfing.





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