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    Adobe Reader - the most popular program for viewing and creating PDF documents.

    PDF (Portable Document Format) - an electronic document format that allows to combine text, form elements, and raster images, use fonts and text formatting.

    Adobe Reader provides a large number of tools for easy viewing of PDF documents.

    With this PDF reader you can:

    • scale the document;
    • look through contents of a document, and a quick transition to heads;
    • search for a text fragment in a PDF file;
    • look through page thumbnails and jump through pages;
    • print documents with a large number of settings;
    • add a signature and initials on each page;
    • create annotations and notes;
    • send a document by e-mail as an attached file.

    Adobe Reader allows to open protected PDF documents and provides the user with only those rights that have been established by the author of the document.

    Besides basic functions, Adobe Reader has advanced features, including:

    • creation of PDF documents with restricted access rights;
    • conversion of different types of files into the PDF format;
    • conversion of PDF into Word and Excel formats;
    • preservation of a document on the cloud server and access the document from different devices;
    • signing a document by means of a digital signature.

    Adobe Reader supports numerous languages and is totally free to overlook PDF documents.





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