AdwCleaner 5.110

Sequrity / Anti-Malware
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    AdwCleaner – it's a utility to remove adware and potentially unwanted programs from a computer. The program differs by the fact that it removes even those scripts, spammers that aren't caught by standard antiviral agents.

    The fact is that often the advertising applications don't only replicate themselves but they also create a large number of hidden files and system libraries section. AdwCleaner quickly detects most types of online fraud, and removes all traces of spam programs without affecting the system registry and without damaging the user data.

    A characteristic feature of AdwCleaner is that the program doesn't only work with the operating system, as most of the applications of this class do. Unlike these utilities, this one monitors also the condition of browsers, as well as any software that is able to upload to a computer any code: own patches, plug-ins, etc.

    AdwCleaner has a reputation of a "paranoid" - it often does not even allow to set the assembly of a browser which is composed of suspicious modules. In fairness, it should be noted that developers of many variations on the bases of Firefox and Chrome browsers make a mistake in the fact that along with kernel and libraries they install their own programs and even undesirable components, primarily advertising persuasion.

    These potentially dangerous elements don't only threaten privacy and security of user's data but also disrupt the stable work of a computer. AdwCleaner effectively destroys this threat.

    The Cleaning-up option of extra toolbars would be very useful and timely for an average Internet user. The trend of modern software installers towards masking up the installation of partner search bars installation of additional partner-search bars, etc. complicates the net surfing, and browser clearing then happens seldom which often is time-consuming. AdwCleaner allows to do it from a single control center.






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