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    Aegisub - a free subtitle editor that allows to create, to open, and to edit subtitles, as well as to save them as separate files.

    Aegisub works with all types of files and allows to open files with subtitles in format TXT, SUB, SRT, TTXT, and some others. Besides, the program also allows to open audio files (MP3, MP4, OGG, WAV, WMA), as well as to export audio tracks from video files (AVI, MKV, MOV, and many others).

    The program provides quite easy tools for creating and editing the subtitle. A user has only to specify intervals (line subtitle) and the text that will be displayed in a given interval.

    During editing Aegisub provides wide opportunities to change the appearance of a subtitle. A user can change the size, the style, the font of a text, add a drop of shadow, and specify the fill color.

    A user can also create his own style of subtitle for subsequent use by means of the Styles Manager tool. This tool allows to see how subtitles will appear in the real time.

    Another interesting tool is the Aegisub Spell Checker which checks subtitles for spelling errors.

    Editor is able to store the created subtitle format ASS (Advanced Substation Alpha), that allows to use subtitles in any popular video player.





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