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    AOL Instant Messenger, or, in the abbreviated form, "AIM" – is one of the oldest programs for instant messaging, which has survived until the present day.

    Currently, its versions for mobile platforms that meet the latest technological boom of portable devices are most actively developing; however, the desktop version also has a stable percentage of its audience. It is connected both with a good integration into a other huge AOL media holding services, and the fact that the program continues to meet users’ needs.

    AIM differs, first of all, by a commitment to certain "traditions" of the Internet communication laid down in the late nineties of the twentieth century. It works on the same OSCAR protocol, as well as ICQ, which provided almost a complete interchangeability of these programs to communicate.

    The later AIM releases, however, differ from its main competitor by better stability and they can be used in case of a great need. AIM disadvantage can be considered a much smaller customer base; however, it all depends on specific needs of each user.

    AIM has certain limitations associated with the US legislation. Children under 13 years of age aren’t permitted into the network, and all the correspondence can be monitored by operators of the company. However, the last point concerns the absolute majority of ways to communicate online.

    The characteristic feature of AIM is a large number of chat bots that, by design, have to create certain users’ "centers of gravity". Certainly, there is a trend in the social networks now, but the Internet messenger isn’t written off the scrap, and AIM – is one of the most refined programs of this class.






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