Google Chrome: secrets and hidden features

Many users which have chosen Google Chrome as their favorite browser don’t even guess about hidden possibilities of the application that allows to do very interesting things.
By Medocow

Many users which have chosen Google Chrome as their favorite browser don’t even guess about hidden possibilities of the application that allows to do very interesting things.

We present ten most interesting features of Google Chrome which many people most likely haven’t heard of, but that makes the work with the browser even more comfortable and interesting.

Pin a tab

Do you often open too many tabs? Do you have tabs that you open frequently, or don’t close at all? Google Chrome will consolidate the tab so that it would save space on the tab bar and you will always be able to quickly switch to this tab.

In order to do so simply move the cursor to the desired tab, open the context menu and select "Pin Tab". The size of a tab will decrease to the size of an icon and the tab will be loaded by default after each run of Google Chrome.

Launch the browser with a few starting pages

This feature will be useful to those users which sit in the early morning at computers, launch a web browser, and begin to open their favorite websites one by one. Google Chrome allows to exhort the process.

Open the "Setting", and in the "On startup" section select "Open a specific page or set of pages". Then click on the "Set pages" link. In the "Startup pages" window enter addresses of your favorite sites. Restart the browser. Your favorite web sites are now opening automatically after launching Google Chrome!

Managing files after download

In case of a constant problem with the search of a downloaded file next time simply drag it into the chosen folder by a simple move of the mouse! Or point to a file, right click and select "Show in folder".

Calculator in the address bar

Google Chrome can be used not only as a browser but also as a calculator to perform simple mathematical operations. Just type in the address bar of mathematical condition and does give you the answer. In addition to the basic operations, Google Chrome will allow to build a number to the power of (x ^ y) and use parentheses.

Save a web page in PDF format

Do you want to save a web page in a readable format? Nothing is easier, if you are using the browser from Google. Open the page and then click "Print". If you have a printer, press "Change ..." and select "Save as PDF".

You can also specify additional parameters such as paper size, page orientation, margins. If desired, you can hide the background page. If the size of the web page is very long, Google Chrome will create multi-page PDF document.

Read saved passwords

Did you know that Google Chrome keeps all passwords you entered in the encrypted form?

Therefore, if you forget the password from the web or mail account on the site, and want to remember it, or just want to change the password on the site, just follow a few simple steps:

  • Open "Settings", and on the bottom of the page click on the "Show advanced settings ..." link;
  • In the "Passwords and forms" section click on "Manage password";
  • In "Passwords" select the site and click on "Show";
  • If your Windows account password is set, enter it.
  • Google Chrome will display the password to your account instead of asterisks.

Note: Google Chrome doesn’t save passwords for all websites, thus, if there isn’t a necessary website in the list, use the "reset the password" feature on the website.

Change the current location

As you know, some websites save your location. If you do not want to provide this data, you can replace your current location by entering a completely different location.

Press F12 or Ctrl + Shift + I to open the Chrome Developer Tools. Press Esc, and go to "Emulation". From the list on the left, select "Sensors" and click on the checkbox "Emulate geolocation coordinates". Now enter the geographical coordinates (longitude/latitude).

This way, any web sites which will ask for your location, will use the given coordinates.

Write a letter in the address bar

If you enter into the browser address bar "mailto:email_address", Google Chrome will open your default mail client and automatically insert the e-mail address.

Google Chrome service pages

Google Chrome has a large amount of special pages which allow to fine-tune the browser. Each service page has its own address to be entered into the address bar.

For example, chrome://memory-redirect allows to view the information about the used memory of the browser, chrome://omnibox allows to configure one’s Omnibox. On chrome://cache one you can view all objects in the browser cache. If you want to fine-tune the browser and change many hidden settings, use chrome://flags.

The full list of service pages can be found by opening the following link: chrome://about.

Accelerate Google Chrome

If Google Chrome brakes down and pages open slowly, or do not open at all, try to see which websites or processes affect this. In the main menu, select "More tools" > "Task Manager".

In the opened window, sort processes by memory and you will see what processes slow down your browser. You can also close any process or tab.

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