How to change the language in Safari for Windows

In this article you will know how to change the language in the popular web browser Safari under Windows
By Medocow

Some users complain that Safari does not allow to choose a language during the installation process and that it doesn’t allow to change a language while using the program.

There aren’t so many articles devoted to this problem in the internet, and many of them recommend to change the language of the operating system. Agree, it’s not a good solution, given that it is only about one program. Moreover, this solution doesn’t work with Windows.

In fact, to change a language in Safari for Windows – it’s very easy and simple.

For example, Safari is displayed in French and the needed language is English. Just follow these few steps:

  • Close Safari, if the browser is still open;
  • Open the folder where Safari is installed (the link usually is c:\Program Files (x86)\Safari;
  • Move to the Safari.resources folder;
  • Open the folder with the default language (for the French language it’s fr.lproj), and delete all the files in that folder. Do not worry that the system will report some errors and one or two files will not be deleted;
  • Open the folder of the desired language (for the English language it’s en.lproj), and copy all the files in a folder with a default language;
  • Run Safari!