How to create a Torrent in uTorrent

This article teaches how to create one’s own torrent files by means of the popular BitTorrent client - uTorrent.
By Medocow

As it’s known, uTorrent is able not only to download files via BitTorrent but also to create its own torrent files for seeding.

By means of this function, a user is able to send one’s files to other users, for example, to one’s friends. In order to create a torrent in uTorrent, one must perform a few simple actions.

Start uTorrent, select "File" > "Create New Torrent" (Ctrl + N).

Select a file or a folder to be added to the torrent.

In the Trackers section select one of BitTorrent trackers by means which your torrent will be distributed. As a rule, this information is available on the tracker website for which the torrent is being created. If you don’t use these sites, you can specify any free tracker from the list below:

  • Open BitTorrent: udp://
  • PublicBitTorrent: udp://
  • udp://

Additional parameters and information such as a comment to the torrent file, or information about the web site can also be specified.

uTorrent also allows to create private torrents. In this case, a user must select the "Private torrent" checkbox. The private torrent is usually created for private torrent trackers.

Click on the Create button and save the file on your PC. The file is saved with a .torrent. extension.

Now the file can be placed on the torrent tracker or sent to people who can download file’s contents.