How to get a free license for Avast Free Antivirus

In this article you will know how to get a free license for Avast Free Antivirus for you PC.
By Medocow

Protection of personal data is one of the main objectives of which PC users must think of. Currently, there is a large number of software that allows to protect a computer from various types of viruses, Trojans, and network attacks. One of such programs is Avast Free Antivirus – a free antivirus for comprehensive PC protection.

After installing Avast Free Antivirus, some users try to find sites where a free key for Avast could be downloaded.

In fact, to get a free license to use the antivirus, it’s enough to perform a simple registration directly in the program:

  • After installing the program, go to the Store tab;
  • Under the Standard Protection column, click Select;

  • To receive a free license to use Avast, fill-in all fields and click Register with email address, or log in to Facebook. A registration is also available through the official website of the program:
  • After the registration a user will get a free license for one year. A year later, one can extend the free license.