How to install older version of Firefox

This article explains how to install the latest version of Firefox and to disable the automatic update of the browser.
By Medocow

Sometimes it becomes necessary to install an old version of Firefox on a computer. Usually, such a necessity arises if changes in the new version of the browser don’t satisfy a user, or computer resources do not allow to install the newest version.

In this case, many users face the problem of automatic updates. Firefox regularly checks for new versions, and, as a rule, renews itself automatically. Moreover, the browser starts downloading the new version even if a user simply opens the menu item Help ? "About Firefox".

This problem has quite a simple solution:

  • Start the Firefox and choose Tools ? Options;
  • In the opened window select the Advanced tab and the Update;
  • Click the checkbox "Never Check for updates", and then click OK.

After these procedures, Firefox will not perform automatic updates, and when "About Firefox" will open instead of downloading the new version it will display the button "Check for updates".

Old Firefox versions can be downloaded at our website.