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    Audacity – an excellent audio editor that allows to create and edit audio files.

    Audio recording

    The editor allows to record an audio from a microphone, various musical instruments, (midi keyboard, digital piano), as well as from other capturing/audio playback devices.

    Before recording, a user can choose a source of the audio stream, a recording channel (mono/stereo), as well as the frequency of the sound.

    Audacity allows to save an audio record in the form of a project format .aup. A user can also import a record into other formats that allow to open an audio file to other audio editors and players.

    The editor allows to import an audio record into a variety of sound files, including MIDI files in format .mid, .midi and .gro.

    Audio editing

    Audio editing is the main function of the program. It can open almost any audio files, including files in .mp3, .ac3, .wav and .ogg.

    After opening a file a user will be able to see the full information about the audio including the data on the bit, bit rate, as well as the metadata.

    A user is able not only to view the data about an artist, the album name, and the genre but one is also able to edit this information and store it in an open file.

    Audacity provides a number of tools for the audio editing which provide a user with following capabilities:

    • Adding effects and using different filters (Leveler, Reverb, echo, reverse, invert, compressor, delay, tremolo and more than 30 different effects);
    • The usage of a mixer;
    • The combining process of several audio tracks;
    • The process of copying or cutting a particular audio fragment, and paste it into another file.




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