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It’s one of the best free solutions on the market of computer security, the program is a winner of many awards of various anti-virus due diligences, it’s easy to use and undemanding to the system resources. (read more)

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Change Log

  • General Information
  • Avira Antivirus for Windows 2015, update 16 has been released on February 29th, 2015.
  • Improvements
  • Improved reboot handling for Updates.
  • Updated to the latest OpenSSL library.
  • Improved Repair capabilities & performance.
  • Added Registry Sensors for better behavior-based detection.
  • Added feature to send email alerts in Antivirus Pro and Server.
  • Improved cloud detection capabilities.
  • Improved handling of a huge number of scanner detection in interactive mode.
  • Bug fixes
  • The scanner hangs after canceling with detection (Cancel also detection popup).
  • Social media buttons of the OnDemand scanner are clickable only once.
  • The Web Protection is blocking POST requests.
  • The Web Protection is crashing on service start.
  • Enabled Web Protection feature causes hanging RDP login and system.
  • Avira components are crashing after Windows 10 November release 10586 upgrade.
  • The OnDemand scanner crashes with snapshot driver.
  • The Mail Protection crashes after fetching emails via IMAP and Outlook 2007.
  • .CAT files are not removed during/after uninstallation.
  • Strange entry "S:s" in webguard.log after scan password encrypted files.
  • Updater doesn't evaluate correctly rootkit.avp.
  • No more possible to change the configuration of the managed Antivirus Professional installations. (
  • The process hangs during license change.
  • Registry scan with detection is not mentioned in the GUI and logfile.
  • The Real-Time Protection does not detect any malware anymore together with RDP connection.
  • Memory leak is causing a waste of 700MB in less than three days.
  • Configured TEMP folder in 'General' subpage is not taken into account.
  • No detection entry in avguard.log when running an infected file multiple times.
  • "Download repair tool" link from the detection popup window is not accurate.
  • Shut down dialog for scheduled scan and backup jobs has broken button and useless link.
  • Missing key name entry in in gurard_slideup.avp.
  • Wrong filename displayed in the slide-up if the file has '&' char in its name.
  • The filename is not displayed in the slide up detection window if the file length exceeds 49 chars.
  • Working directory not set to product installation path.
  • There must not be any environment variables used in paths when desktop and program group icon are created.
  • On Windows XP the scanner waits for a user interaction after detection even if no user is logged in.
  • If "user" is in invalid state. FACT returns missing mandatory parameters.
  • Update.exe validation timeout is defined two times with different values.
  • Catalog file for WFP driver (avnetflt.cat) not installed into system32/catroot/{F7... folder like for all other drivers.
  • The "Updating license file" dialog is not visible anymore on Windows XP.
  • Detection email cannot resolve some specific component variables mentioned in help file.
  • The Scanner hangs if option for scanning Registry is enabled.
  • Fixed problem in license autorenewal.
  • Stability improvement for Real-Time Protection in modify installations.
  • Fixed issue where configuration couldn't be changed via WMI on Windows XP.
  • Changed wording in alert messages.
  • Fixed a sporadic crash in WMI.
  • Increased scan speed in interactive mode in case of many detections.
  • Reduce the time to display the result window for high number of detections in interactive mode.
  • Fix for Virtual Box issue.


  • Freeware

How to install Avira Free Antivirus

  • Download and launch the installation file, wait until the program will extract files to install.
  • Select the destination folder and the language if the program allows to do it, then click "Next."
  • Wait until the end of the process of installation of Avira Free Antivirus.

How to uninstall Avira Free Antivirus

  • Click on the Start Button and select Control Panel at the right.
  • Select an item "Uninstall a program" (Windows 7) or "Add or Remove Programs" (Windows XP).
  • In the list of programs, find "Avira Free Antivirus", select the program, and click Remove (Windows XP) next to the name of the program, or click Uninstall (Windows 7), located on the top panel.

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