Bandizip 5.12

System / Data compression
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    Bandizip – it’s a real alternative to many commercial programs for files archiving. First of all, this utility has earned such a reputation for outstanding "omnivorousity": it allows to compress files in the most popular formats, and is able to unpack them from more than three dozen types of archival containers.

    Key features and capabilities implemented in Bandizip:

    • The full support for Unicode, which in practice means no garbage characters in text archives;
    • A "fast compression", determined by the complexity of the content in terms of packaging, the program automatically sets the optimal algorithm for each case;
    • A full support for drag and drop by the mouse, as in standard file managers such as Windows Explorer. There’s also drag and drop directly from Bandizip;
    • EXE-archives that are decompressed by a single click, a multi-volume is implemented which is limited, in fact, only by sizes of a logical (or physical) hard disk;
    • An advanced system of codes for archives, in particular, such algorithms as ZipCrypto and AES-256 are used;
    • The "archives preview" – it’s implemented as an additional item in the Windows context menu and file navigators;
    • Bandizip is a multithreaded program, and it supports the work with a few archives simultaneously in Windows Explorer. For large amounts of data this operation significantly affects PC performance, and it’s highly dependent upon the CPU specifications.

    Bandizip - it’s an absolutely free program which significantly expands possibilities of its application. Its system requirements are limited solely by scope and complexity of an archived information.





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