BitTorrent 7.9.6 Build 42179

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    BitTorrent – the first torrent client that allows to share files on the same protocol.

    As any other torrent clients, BitTorrent allows to download files from BitTorrent networks, as well as to create one’s own torrent files. The program has a simple interface that uses a small amount of system resources, and it also has a great set of features to manage torrent files.

    BitTorrent is able to limit the download speed of certain files, to set priorities while simultaneous download of multiple files, as well as to selectively choose specific files, if the torrent file contains a folder with many files.

    During download, the program displays the important information about each file in the list (the size of the torrent file, the condition, the rating of the file, the number of seeders, the download percentage of the file, and other parameters).

    BitTorrent includes an interesting tool - BitTorrent Bundle, by means of which a user can search for files in torrent networks directly in the program using the Search text field.

    For example, a user can find it interesting video clip or music track. BitTorrent also allows you to view some video clips directly in the program window.





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