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    BleachBit is a famed utility that allows quick and effective to clean out junk files from the hard drive and get more space on the computer. It finds temporary files stored on the disk after working of different applications and remove them. Thus, the program put everything to rights in the system. It is fast and easy and takes a minimum of space.

    Software features

    • Command line interface for simple operation;
    • Multi-platform: Windows and Linux;
    • Detect temporary files of variety applications (more than 70) stored in program’s database;
    • Clean confidential user data: history of visited web resources, browser cache, links, files, cookies, and many others;
    • Delete a file junk is absolutely safe: everything removed by the program will not be recovered.

    BleachBit has many important and useful functions. It includes a list of cleaners. Within each cleaner, BleachBit offers effective components to simple cleaning the journal, cache or cookie. In order to help users find the best and right solution, the utility has a detailed description for each variant.

    Certainly, among the advantages it supports cross-platform installation. BleachBit can be used for different operating systems, as well, Windows. It is very important to have for those who often install and delete programs.

    After starting work with the application, you can see file menubar with all features. And just have to choose only what you need right now. For example, if you want to clear your browser, then you need to mark it by placing a check mark in front. Then choose the necessary actions and start the process. After that, the computer will keep good working for a long time.

    There are 2 ways to free up space using BleachBit. The first method is to click the File menubar, select “Wipe Free Space” and choose a folder or drive that you want to wipe. Second is to check the “Free disk space” from the System category and click the Clean icon.

    BleachBit is very worthy of attention as useful software to clean the computer’s e system.






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