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Graphic Design / 3D modeling
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    The three-dimensional modeling has always been an expensive area of development: it requires a good computer, and secondly, the very software for 3D modeling, such as the Autodesk production, is quite expensive.

    Most free software packages in this area possess a very reduced functional, these packages allow only a primitive polygonal modeling, they do not possess their own full-fledged system of rendering, and generally aren’t intended for anything other than educational purposes.

    Blender is radically different from such software and integrity, and active development, and a variety of options.

    Despite the full freedom of development and openness, Blender is developed by professionals, and has a good technical support. The program has its own rendering system (the mental ray technology in Autodesk Maya), for example. Due to patent restrictions Blender works exclusively with its own file type, however, it’s a standard situation in the branch.

    First versions of the program were targeted primarily at professionals, much of what has been created yet then is still actual now. So, the characteristic feature of the Blender is an emphasis on the “work from the keyboard."

    Certainly, there is a similar feature  in other packages, but it is namely Blender has always differed by the usage of the "hot keys", many of which were not even documented in the user’s manual.

    Along with the package growth of popularity a good GUI was also written, so today practically everyone can learn the program.The Blender also provides some specific features. So, there are two modes - objective and edit mode.

    The first one, as the name suggests, is designed for manipulating objects, while the second one - for manipulating their specific parameters (peaks, form of polygons, etc.). The ability to customize the GUI for oneself is also provided.

    In general, Blender is an excellent choice both for teaching the 3D modeling and for more professional tasks; and among free solutions there are actually no analogues.





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