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    CCleaner - one of the most popular programs for the complex service and optimization of the system performance.

    The program includes a large number of features for the removal of old or temporary files from the computer, for the registry errors correction, as well as for the removal and search of programs on the PC. All CCleaner functions are grouped into categories.


    This category presents the utility that allows to scan PC for temporary files, as well as to delete these files in order to save space on the hard disk.

    Before files removal, a user would be able to specify which program’s temporary files are to be deleted, as well as to view the preliminary report of CCleaner about these files.

    The Registry

    This category contains a whole set of functions for the work with the Windows registry. CCleaner allows to correct registry errors, to remove old records, as well as to get rid of the extensions that are not used by the system.

    As well as in the Cleaner category, the program will give a preliminary report on all problematic entries of the registry. Besides, CCleaner will allow to make a copy of the registry before making any changes.


    This category is broken down into subcategories that provide user with following capabilities:

    • The removal of any installed programs;
    • Startup Management. This functionality allows to view the entire list of programs that run simultaneously with the system load, as well as to turn off the startup of any of these programs.
    • Advanced search for files on the computer, including the search for hidden and system files;
    • The possibility to clean up the entire hard drive.

    CCleaner allows to easily manipulate files on the hard drive, as well as to optimize the overall system.





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