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    CDRoller is multi-functional utility for working with CD / DVD-ROM. It allows recovering data from unreadable CDs and tests the CD for errors.

    According to disc content can create data files with the possibility of a meaningful search in them without the installation of the CD. It has a built-in CD-ripper, CD-media analyzer and much more. It supports CD / DVD / BD / HD-DVD discs.

    CDRoller is a program for recovery, backup and test CD. The utility allows extracting the files from unreadable disks, creating a local copy of CD- and DVD archives and search for the desired file without placing media in the drive, erasing rewritable discs and burn data, and perform many other operations.

    This utility makes unreadable discs to work. The main origin of such CD - damage, improperly recorded sessions from a multisession CD, finalizing configured correctly. The main feature of the program CD Roller is a direct appeal to the hardware of the drive, bypassing the existing applications Windows.

    Due to the low-level methods and algorithms for CD Roller can read data in the usual form are perceived as corrupt fragment and / or loss of data. As one embodiment of such algorithms - to change rotation speed CD-ROM-disk.

    There are software features:

    • Read unreadable discs (incorrectly recorded or scratched);
    • Test drives for a variety of problems;
    • Create archives of data stored on disks and look at them the necessary files without inserting the disc itself;
    • Copy music from CDs;
    • Supports recovery discs created by drag and drop programs, such as Adaptec DirectCD and Nero Burning ROM, even recorded in multisession. Look for and recovers files on UDF-ROM. Works with the CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-WO, CD-ROM XA, Mixed-Mode CD, Stamped Multisession CD, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD + R, DVD + RW.

    The program includes the following utilities:

    • Data CD browser and content reader - a file manager disk, showing the contents of the compact;
    • CD-ripper - utility to copy audio tracks to your hard drive. This tool "sees" CDA tracks as regular files that can be copied to the hard drive;
    • CD-tester - the utility testing CD-ROM for efficiency;
    • CD-cataloguer - cataloger compacts;
    • CD Data Rescue - utility that allows you to retrieve information from a damaged CD. In the event that it is already impossible to restore the data, CD Data Rescue will copy the undamaged part of the file or directory;
    • In addition, using the program, you can burn discs also.



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