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    ClamWin is ported on Windows version of one of the most popular antivirus for Linux - ClamAV. There is a widespread and erroneous conception that Linux doesn't write viruses, respectively, the protection isn't needed. It’s not quite true. On average, needless to say, there are much more viruses for Windows but in Linix-like systems there also is a malware.

    A distinctive feature of almost all antiviruses for this family of operating systems is that they are open and free, which is attractive for users.

    ClamWin also inherited one of the main features of the Linux philosophy: a user has the right to do everything independently. In this case, however, the right looks more mandatory.

    The fact is that there isn't either permanent automatic antivirus monitor, or advanced heuristics, or instant quarantine (although mail with potentially harmful content liquidated yet online). On the contrary, the user must manually scan all files. On one hand, it is not as convenient as in proprietary solutions, on the other – it's a virtue.

    Since there are neither annoying messages, nor "paranoid mode", when even useful but suspicious (in terms of antivirus) software is removed.

    However, the scanner responds well to the vast majority of current threats, constantly updated, easy to install and to use, the system does not slow down background processes, and rarely conflicts with other antivirus solutions. It can be safely used on a PC with a relatively infrequent updates for installation files check-up.






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