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Codec Tweak Tool 5.9.2

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    Codec Tweak Tool – a video utility from developers of the popular set of codecs K-Lite Codec Pack Mega which allows to customize video and audio codecs.

    Key features of Codec Tweak Tool:

    • Windows registry scan and removal of broken references to codecs;
    • Reseting settings of selected codecs and filters;
    • Creation of backup and recovery settings of codecs and filters;
    • A full customization of all video/audio codecs and filters, including DirectShow (ffdshow, LAV video decoder, Xvid, AC3Filter, Haali Media Splitter), VWF, and Audio Output;
    • Turning on/off audio/video codecs and filters.

    Another useful feature of the program is an ability to generate a log file with the detailed information about a system configuration, including the information about the processor, memory, video card, audio and video drivers, as well as complete information on all codecs and filters installed in the system.

    Codec Tweak Tool is a portable application, and it does not require an installation.






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