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    Comodo Company is known primarily for its firewall which earned the reputation as the best one. It’s a part of Comodo Internet Security Premium package which, despite its name, is free of complex solutions in the field of network security.

    In addition to the firewall, this package includes the detecting software module – Comodo Antivirus which will be discussed.

    Comodo Antivirus deserves an unconditional attention and as a separate product. Its detection rates of potentially dangerous software are high; in addition, it contains a number of very useful features.

    Beside the heuristic analysis, the antivirus allows to connect the HIPS module which increases the reliability of the network by eliminating local threats. There is also the "sandbox" functional for suspicious applications which is very convenient to set up.

    The "game mode" is important, it turns on simply by pressing a button: this condition, in fact, is oriented not only on computer games, but generally for all resource-intensive applications, when it is turned on the antivirus unloads most of its processes from the PC memory, leaving only what is necessary, and thereby improving the performance. In the presence of a very convenient quarantine of suspicious files, this allows at their recovery to order exceptions for further scanning just by one click.

    The current standard of computer security is the presence of proactive protection, which works not by the classic method, with the signatures of viruses, but analyzing the behavior of each file. However, in this program, however, it is implemented relatively unobtrusively, and doesn’t bother a user “for no reason”.

    Comodo Antivirus is a modern and flexible program for protection against malware and suspicious software, it’s very easy to learn, undemanding to the system requirements, and generally suitable for users of all levels. Year after year, this antivirus takes the top places in the reliability ranks, timely updating of antivirus bases, and effectively delete threats.





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