Comodo Dragon Internet Browser

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser

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    Comodo Dragon Internet Browser – a fast and convenient web browser based on the Chromium engine in which the special attention is paid to the security when viewing web pages.

    The web browser developed by Comodo, has some unique tools that allow not only to view web pages but also to be confident in their safety.

    For example, a user can always check how secure a Web site is by means of the Web Inspector supplement which places a detailed report on the current site with the information on detected viruses and malicious code.

    The Comodo Dragon Internet Browser also allows to block intrusive advertisements, including banner ads, pop-ups, and counter.

    If a user does not want so that visited Web sites were stored in the browser's history, one can use the incognito mode.

    An interesting feature of the browser from Comodo is the integration with social networks which allows to quickly publish favorite articles on Facebook, Twitter, and other similar sites.

    Comodo Dragon has a full support for add-ons and allows to install and touse the Google Chrome browser extension.





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