Core FTP LE 2.2 Build 1871

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    Core FTP LE – it’s a good FTP client for Windows, which allows to download and upload files to the FTP server, and supports connection to the secure SSH protocol.

    The program’s interface is divided into two parts, one of which displays local files, and the other one - files of the FTP server. In order to transfer files, simply drag needed files from one window into another. The program provides search for files on both local and remote servers, as well as filtering files by mask.

    A connection to the server is performed by means of the comfortable Site Manager where a user can enter the server access data such as username, password, and host. A user can also change the port, set the timeout, and select a connection type.

    Core FTP LE supports connection via the standard FTP protocol, SSL (AUTH SSL, FTPS), as well as a secure protocol SSH/SFTP.

    When connecting via SSH, a user can manage certificates and security keys by means of the "SSL Certification Maangement" tool.

    Except copying, moving, and deleting of files, Core FTP LE also allows to edit files on a remote server. By default, when one edits a file, the application uses the standard program - Notepad, but a user can select any text program installed on one’s computer.

    If necessary, one can select different text editors for specific file types, as well as specify the default encoding (ANSI or Unicode). Core FTP LE supports ASCII and binary mode. By default, the program uses the automatic mode (optional application).

    Overall, the program leaves a very good impression and is suitable for all those who want a simple, reliable, and free FTP client for Windows.






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