CPU-Z 1.72

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    CPU-Z - a system utility that provides detailed information on all components of the system, including information about the processor, motherboard and graphics card.

    CPU-Z displays the extended information about the processor, including the information about the name of the processor core speed, and code name. Besides, the utility allows to view the information about the specification of the CPU, its family, model, and the revision number.

    By means of the utility a user can obtain the data on the model of the motherboard, chipset, and the graphical user interface version of BIOS.

    CPU-Z also provides a full information about type and amount of RAM, DRAM frequency, and the channel’s level. In addition to the general information about the RAM, the utility will allow to view the information about each memory slot separately (module size, max bandwidth, frequency).

    The utility also allows to see some data on the graphics card (the name of the video card, the memory size, the code name).

    The program allows to save all information in the text format, or to create an easy-to-view report in the .html format.






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