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    DAEMON Tools – a popular program for emulating of all types of optical discs.

    DAEMON Tools Lite - a free and the smallest version. However, unlike many other programs, the "reduction" is expressed only in a smaller amount of possible virtual drives, and lack of online support service (users of this version are compelled to check for updates on the official website) in the rest, however, the functional is not at all worse than the paid version.

    DAEMON Tools Lite feature, which has provided the program with the widespread popularity, is the support of a large number of formats.

    Actually, all popular types of disk images are well read, if they are made correctly. The second important feature of the utility - the support of SPTD driver, designed for specific emulation cases. In general, DAEMON Tools Lite allows to simulate not only an ordinary DVD-ROM but also quite rare SCSI-devices, which sometimes is needed even for professionals.

    As in most programs of this kind, DAEMON Tools Lite implemented a protection system against conflict software: one would not be able to remove a disk image (via File Manager, for example), while it is mounted, even if it's not used at the moment. In general, a virtual drive has many advantages compared to the real optical disc: it can't be scratched; it does not depend on the speed of the mechanical parts, almost 100% immune from error entries that are especially frequent when a cheap DVD-R is used.

    Unfortunately, some versions of this utility have incompatibilities with some PC configurations. Such problems, however, are corrected by developers. Besides, if a user does not need the SPTD latest version, one can also use any previous versions of DAEMON Tools Lite.





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