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    Defraggler - a program that performs defragmentation of hard drives. Regular defragmentation can significantly improve the performance of a computer, and to prolong its life.

    The defragmentation is both the analysis of files with largest amounts of fragments, and the move of data on disk so that the file that is being searched for would be recorded as a single fragment.

    Before starting the defragmentation process, Defraggler gives out the useful information about the hard drives. A user can start the process of analyzing the hard drive and get information about the status of the disk, its speed, as well as the number of fragmented files.

    Defraggler allows to defragment the entire hard disk, and individual files. A user is able to view the list of files with the highest number of fragments and select the ones he wants to defragment.

    If necessary, one can set up a schedule of the hard drive defragmentation (one-time, daily, weekly, etc.). Defraggler also allows to check thehard disk for errors.





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