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    DivX codec has become a truly "popular" in the period of the mass distribution of DVD.

    It was connected with the fact that the main media container of DVD-ROM drive is MPEG-2, this format provided the best image quality, an excellent support of multi-channel audio, varied functions of DVD menu and correct work with subtitles.

    However, in practice, limited to the capacity of a single-layer disc 4.7 GB, which created a problem with storing a large number of video files. The solution was just a family of codecs DivX, which is a reasonable compromise between the movie volume and the quality of a copy.

    DivX differs by a very good adaptability to any devices: in the presence of a good video editor, a user can create movies of any quality and compression - from super compressed (for older mobile phones, for example) to ultra high quality ones. The second DivX feature is a good work with a sound: it enables a user to connect multiple audio tracks (including different languages), using different codecs.

    It should be noted that the latest version fully supports the H.264 codec which allows a user to use it to play the FullHD-video. The definite disadvantage of the format is quite a large number of artifacts of an image at maximum compression, but it’s a common feature of all attempts to make a video ultra-compact.

    DivX is supported by manufacturers of absolutely all modern smart phones and portable "out of the box"players without the need to use additional firmware. Moreover, there are many software players for the PC, which also don’t need any additional software to view movies in this format.

    DivX isn’t only a proper family of media containers, it is also its own set of software. DivX Web Player and DivX Mobile Player are used in browsers and mobile devices on their own, or as a part of the plug-ins and utilities.

    In fact, any device, in any way associated with the recording, editing and playback of video, uses today the DivX technology in one form or another.





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