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    The PDF is a modern standard for documentation and more. In publishing, for example, pre-printed models are created exactly in this format. Its specifications allow to prepare a material for a release most fully.

    Accordingly, it’s primarily used for documents storage, paper books are often digitized into this format, an information from it is often printed on office printers. It's very easy to navigate and markup. doPDF – it’s a compact utility which converts documents from Notepad and Microsoft Word (at first) into, properly, PDF.

    The mechanism of doPDF is both very simple and somewhat similar to Adobe Acrobat Distiller, although it differs for the better in terms of simplicity. Both of these programs create a "virtual printer", visible in the list of devices into which these programs "print" files in the PDF format. That is, In fact, simply convert them.

    But doPDF differs by a great tolerance towards a user. – It’s possible to create a high-quality PDF document even for a beginner, and for simple text files, as a rule, special printing shop requirements aren’t needed. Besides, this tool will be very helpful for users who just want to organize their electronic documentation or a personal library on one’s computer.

    doPDF important feature is that the program doesn’t need to work any extraneous applications and additional system libraries. Unlike the same Adobe products - just the presence of the textual source would be enough.

    doPDF works both with most character sets and in twenty languages. It differs by a very good support of the Unicode, that is, a text in the resulting PDF document is almost never distorted. Besides, the program works in a very large range of extensions (by the standards of a home PC) - up to 2400 dpi, which is more than enough for an everyday use.






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