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    Duplicate Cleaner Free - a free program that searches for duplicate files and folders on the hard disk and allows to delete them.
    Before scanning a user is able to select hard drives or individual folders to be scanned, as well as specific search criteria for duplicates:

    • the files search by content;
    • the files search with the same file name or a similar name;
    • the files search with the same date of creation or editing a file;
    • disregard of system files.

    Additional criterias are also available for images and audio files. When scanning the audio files, the user can choose to search for duplicate meta tags (the same artist, title, and album).

    In case of a need to delete duplicate images a user can choose such search criteria as: resolution, aspect ration, and specify the percentage of matches. The function to change search parameters of duplicate images is available only in the Pro version of the program.

    In addition to the criteria, a user can also add additional restrictions by means of search filters. For example, one can scan files only of a specific size (maximum/minimum file size), or check files that appeared on the hard drive in a certain period of time.

    After scanning, Duplicate Cleaner Free will issue a list of detected duplicate files and folders, including original files and their duplicates. A user needs only to select files and folders that are to be deleted, and then delete selected objects using the built-in tool - File Removal.

    The program will also allow to save a list of detected duplicate files in a separate file in CSV format.





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