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EditPad Lite 7.3.6

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    EditPad Lite is a word processor and an improved analogue of pad for Windows.

    The program interface is both known and easy to navigate. It supports basic functions for text editing, such as undo or redo the action, cut, copy, or paste a text. In addition, the date and time can also be inserted (or something else), delete or move to the transition line, move to the previous or next position, edit, as well as select the next or previous file.

    Unlike the Windows Notepad, EditPad Lite is able to open large files, edit, and save them.

    The text editor also supports work with multiple documents simultaneously in the same window but in different tabs, an insertion of a file, sort in alphabetical order (from A to Z or vice versa). Also, the program supports advanced functions of text, such as removing duplicates and blank lines, an ability to remove gaps and so on.

    Using the app, a user is able to convert files between ANSI, ASCII, and Unicode, as well as work with Unix and Mac files.

    The editor has quite an extensive search function, supports regular expression search, and also allows to replace a text.
    In the settings a user can enable or disable an auto-indent and word wrap, change the font and text layout.

    EditPad Lite is a great tool for editing text files and documents.






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