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    eM Client – it’s a full-fledged e-mail client with integrated organizer and calendar for working with e-mail.

    The program is absolutely free, it supports a large amount of languages ​​and it differs by a high speed of work with e-mails.

    During the initial run the application will allow to import all contacts, accounts, and letters in case a user is already using another email client. A user can also set eM Client as the default mail client.

    Key features:

    • the support of smart folders that automatically sort letters by recipients;
    • a comfortable review of the list of messages with the possibility of grouping emails by date received;
    • an ability to convert emails into CSV or HTML;
    • the availability of the spam filter with automatic sorting and placing of suspicious emails in Spam;
    • PIM features with the addition of memorable and important dates into the calendar, as well as tasks creating and attaching them to other recipients with the ability to control the execution;
    • an ability to create an address book with a full information on each destination.

    Other features of the program include the ability to create messages with attached files, tables, lists, HTML code, as well as the creation of local variables in the form of templates (name, business address, telephone etc.), and their usage in a letter.

    Before sending a letter the program will check the spelling, and give a user an opportunity to correct detected errors.

    eM Client supports a mass mailing. The program includes tools to create and group a mailing list. After a mailing list has been created it can be specified as the destination before sending a letter.





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