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    Eudora Mail was one of the first programs for Windows, designed in particular for e-mail. Unlike many analogues of this program from 1990's, such as GoldEd, for example, Eudora Mail has obtained a modern graphical interface, which ensured its popularity among a considerable segment of users.

    With the spread of Web postmen without a separate client running from a browser, this kind of software was to concede, however, today there is still not a single html-mailer provides a comfortable access to many accounts at different services (there is a feature to import and mail forwarding but usually it clutters one main account).

    Besides an advanced appearance, developers of the software have always taken care of both security and privacy of correspondence, and a quick navigation through it. The Bayesian spam filter was implemented (and once again - one of the first ones) into Eudora 6.

    The built-in SpamWatch module later became one of the models for new e-mail clients. The Ultra-Fast Search technology allowed to sort arrays of letters practically of any size, as well as to find the desired content on multiple search criteria. Besides, it was also implemented into a unique backup technology-mail as a whole, and an arbitrary piece of correspondence in any number of files.

    The "Classical" Eudora at the moment isn't a relevant software but the last branch of its development project - Penelope, was later implemented as a specific assembly of Mozilla Thunderbird.

    The 2010 version is fully functional and less demanding than the original one. Perhaps, in the future there might be compatibility problems, but it still works and is quite handy email client under Windows XP / Vista / 7.





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