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    FAR Manager – It’s a legendary file manager that allows to perform any operations with files.

    Despite the fact that FAR Manager is a console application, the program still remains popular among a large amount of users due to its simplicity and convenience.

    FAR Manager was one of the first file managers, which used a fundamentally new approach to file management. The program interface is divided into two panels, in each of which a user is able to open a specific folder on the hard drive.

    Thereby, a user is able to control the process of copying or moving of files from one folder into another, which is very convenient in comparison with standard «Windows» panels|system.

    The program allows to perform all basic file operations, including:

    • Copying and moving files and folders;
    • Viewing and editing files;
    • Renaming a file or folder;
    • Creating a new folder;
    • Creating a link to a folder for a quick access to a folder;
    • Archiving files (7z, zip, bzip) and unpack archives;
    • Review and change attributes of files and folders.

    FAR Manager allows to work with many files and folders at the same time. Another handy feature of the program is a quick search of files on the hard drive for the specified criteria.

    The manager supports a large number of plug-ins which extend the basic functionality. For example, using the plugin «Process list", a user can view a list of system processes, and «Advance compare" will perform an extended comparison of folders.

    FAR Manager is a highly customizable program. A user can customize almost any options, including dialogs, color scheme, and system settings.





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