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    Foobar2000 - a free audio player that allows to play music, to create and manage playlists, and to view the basic information about audio tracks.

    The main feature of the player is that it contains only the most necessary features and tools to play audio.

    Foobar2000 allows to play individual audio files, all files from a chosen folder, and audio streams. The player supports all popular audio formats, including: .mp3, .mp4, .ogg, Matroska audio files, .aiif, .mpeg and .wav.

    During a music playback, the information about a current audio track, including the one about an artist, an album, a music genre, a bit rate, and a codec is available to a user.

    As any popular audio player, Foobar2000 supports openings, creations, and edits of playlists. An interesting feature of the player is the ability to simultaneously open several playlists. Files in playlists can be sorted by an album, a genre, an author, a name, the track number, or randomly.

    The audio player allows to search for a given parameter among audio files, and also it allows to delete duplicate files.

    Additional features of the program are:

    • an ability to use a visualization while listening to music;
    • an ability to play both local files and Audio CD;
    • a setting of playback parameters using the built-in equalizer;
    • the comfortable Playlist Manager which allows to manage playlists;
    • a variety of settings and an ability to change appearance of the player.

    Foobar2000 is absolutely free and does not use much of system resources.





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