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    FormatFactory – a universal media converter that allows to convert various types of files from one format into another.

    The program is a real factory for converting files, and supports a variety of formats and devices.

    Video conversion

    FormatFactory is able to convert video into all popular video formats including AVI, 3GP, MOV, MKV, SWF, and MP4.

    A large number of settings that can be set before starting a conversion process are available to a user. The converter allows to select the video format, set the quality, change the encoding method, and set the bit rate, as well as set the advanced settings for an audio track.

    FormatFactory supports a large number of mobile devices and allows to convert videos to a particular device in a certain quality.

    Audio conversion

    The converter supports such audio formats as MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AAC, and some others. Before converting a user can select an audio quality, a bit rate, an audio channel, and change the volume.

    FormatFactory doesn’t only allow to convert one audio format to another, but it also allows to save the audio from a video file.

    Image conversion

    During the conversion of images, a user can edit some of features, including the ability to resize an image, to add labels and watermarks, the image rotation.

    The converter supports all popular image formats, including RAW files.

    Additional Features

    Besides basic functions, the program has additional features for working with DVD/ISO files:

    • Conversion of DVD into video file and Audio CD into audio file;
    • DVD/CD into ISO/CSO;
    • ISO into CSO and CSO into ISO.

    An interesting feature of the program is the ability to start the conversion process via the console. Moreover, the program itself provides a user with a command and necessary parameters depending upon selected format and devices.

    The converter includes several additional tools to work with audio/video files, such as: Video Joiner, Audio Joiner, Media File Info, and some others.





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