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    Foxit Reader - a free application that provides a user with all necessary functions to work with PDF documents.

    A key feature of the program is the ability to work with multiple documents simultaneously. In this case, each document is displayed in a separate tab.

    The program allows to perform the following actions:

    • to create PDF documents, to edit them, and to save in a separate file;
    • to open PDF documents and to view them;
    • to send PDF documents by mail, as well as sharing them through Facebook.

    Creating a PDF document

    Foxit Reader allows to create blank PDF documents, or extraneous PDF documents for editing. In addition, the program allows to create PDF files from scanned documents.

    During a document creation a user can add and format the text, insert a comment, a link or an image, as well as add to a document an audio track or a video clip. In addition, a user can attach any file to a PDF document. A created file can be saved in PDF or text format TXT.

    Viewing PDF documents

    Foxit Reader allows to open local PDF documents and to use network resources for remote access to PDF files. The program allows to open such formats as PDF, FDF (Form Data Files), and FCD.

    The program provides quite a lot of tools for comfortable viewing of PDF documents. For example, a user can use the Read Mode which hides various UI elements for comfortable text reading. Such tools as Marquee, Loupe, Magnifier and AutoScroll are also available.

    Foxit Reader supports a large amount of languages​​ and is absolutely free.





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