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    With the appearance of the BitTorrent data transmission protocol and the same name program similar tools for transferring files on the principle of exchange between peers began to gain popularity. One of the most popular programs for exchanging media contents (movies, music, software) of its time in the world was LimeWire.

    However, despite the multi-million popularity, its development has been closed due to claims of copyright holders. Parallel to this, an independent development team launched the FrostWire project – a full analogue of the previous program, but absolutely free and oriented on Android-smart-phone segment as well (a first for this type of programs).

    At first glance, FrostWire is an ordinary modern torrent client but this program has a number of advantages. At first, in contrast to BitTorrent and its analogs (especially in the last versions), it doesn’t suffer from the dominance of advertisments, as well as any free design. At second, its new versions are as fast as the first ones (what can’t be said about BitTorrent).

    At third, the program has a comfortable chat and a good search engine on the "license" torrents. Furthermore, FrostWire supports a less popular, but the widespread Gnutella network. But otherwise the program has a standard functional of torrent clients: creating torrent links, creation of magnet-links, data encryption, DHT, etc.

    The program recommends itself well under condition of presence of a high-speed internet connection and downloading a lot of files at the same time. System requirements are minimal - during a use the program can be flexibly configured so that it will not slow down other tasks.

    On the basis of this description, it can be seen that FrostWire can be recommended as a basic torrent client to most users, and its mobile version for Android has a totally analogical functional. The only disadvantage of the program can be considered that it is not a "all in one" solution (as Vuze, for example) but the bet was placed on the very execution of the program.





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