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    GIMP is a free graphics editor that supports many image formats, works with layers, filters and blending modes. The arsenal of the program has a great number of tools destined for color correction and edition of all kinds of images.

    Due to a convenient interface and excellent features, GIMP is very easy to use. There are main features:

    Image editing

    Numerous photos can be easily modified in GIMP. Perspective distortion caused by optical properties is easily corrected by tools of transformation.

    You can easily align the pictures and make vignettes with filters. The mixer of the channels will let you get the desired picture.
    This is a great number of tools to work with color; they can be used to adjust the spectrum of photos and depth of its color.

    If you want to remove the color from the photo, GIMP will help as well. Work with color is could be limited only by the imagination of the user.


    By using the GIMP, you can renew old photographs and retouch new.
    GIMP is ideal for professional photo retouching. Get out of unwanted details using the clone tool, or fix minor details with the medical brush. By the cloning tool with a prospect, it is easy to clone objects with a given prospect.

    Stylize Photo

    It is a very important option for photographers is styling pictures. In GIMP, it can be realized through numerous filters for images and colors.
    In the concrete, any photo can be stylized antique or simulate lens filters of professional cameras.


    There are many useful tools for selection of parts of a picture, a number of functions for using a clipboard and inserting images that are very helpful in creating collages.
    Using a process of blending layers and color correction tools, you can get photorealism of any collage.

    Illustration and drawings

    Tool "Path" is very well fulfilled here. Users, who are well-known the products of Corel, often say that paths are implemented much better in GIMP. With the path, it is possible to create illustrations dummy vector much faster than in some vector programs.

    In new versions of program big emphasis has made very on simplifying the work of the artists. As well as supporting brushes of Adobe Photoshop, there is a chance to change the brush size, its rigidity, opacity, and color.





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