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    A free version of GOM Video Converter includes almost all the same functional possibilities as the paid version, but output videos are limited to 10 minutes.

    During installation the converter will prompt a user to download a free version of GOM Picker which allows to download stream videos using the Internet Explorer.

    The process of video conversion using GOM Video Converter is carried out in several stages:

    • selection of video files that are to be converted into a different format. Wherein a user can specify the portion of a file that one wants to cut out and convert from the original video;
    • selection of device for which the converted video is intended. GOM Video Converter supports a large number of different devices (tablets, mobile phones, game consoles) from different companies (Apple, Sony, Android, Microsoft, Samsung and others);
    • selection of a file where the converted video will be saved.

    Before converting a video, a user can view the information about the original video, as well as additional information about the video, which will be obtained (audio channel, video size, and quality).

    GOM Video Converter allows to view the conversion process in real time. The time of video conversion depends on the specified settings and PC system resources.





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