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    Google Chrome – the modern browser that was developed by Google, which is reliable in operation, and has a high speed in opening web pages, as well as the extra security for viewing web pages.

    Google Chrome was one of first web browser interfaces which was built on the principles of simplicity and minimalism. Developers put in a box only the most essential elements that perform intuitive functions (opening new tabs, add a new bookmark, etc.).

    The browser has a tight integration with the Google search engine. If a user is authorized, one’s settings, bookmarks, as well as search history will be available on any device where Google Chrome is installed.

    In addition, the program uses the Google default search engine. In order to begin the search one needs only to enter a word or phrase into a search engine directly.

    The web browser supports third-party extensions that plug into Google Chrome and add new features. It also has its own online store, where there are thousands of extensions, most of which are completely free.

    Despite the simplicity of the interface a user is presented with some opportunities to customize the appearance of the program. A user can choose a theme to show or hide the bookmarks bar.

    Other features of the browser include the use of different web services that allow comfortably to move along web pages and chat on the Internet. For example, a user can activate the spell check, or use hints with the introduction of search queries.





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