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Haali Media Splitter

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    For today the Matroska Video is one of the most popular media containers for HD-video.

    Unfortunately, not all programs support this format playback (as well as many other types of media). As a result, we have to use a specialized codec packs, such as K-Lite or media players, focused on specific types of video and audio, as Haali Media Splitter.

    Special features of Haali Media Splitter is a full support of all documented possibilities/abilities of the Matroska Video format, by the functional of work with video streams, audio tracks, and text data of the Haali Media Splitter container actually has no equal.

    Over ten years of development, the program didn’t only begin to combine lightness, performance, and outstanding stability during processing of even large files. In addition to self-distribution, the Haali technology in one form or another is built into the most popular of codec packs – K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, many media players do not need to install separate codecs - such as GOM Player, Daum PotPlayer.

    Apart from the main container Matroska Video, Haali Media Splitter supports the processing and MP4, AVI, OGG, MPEG TS. Among other things, implemented advanced functionality works with the codec H.264 - one of the basic coding containers of modern HD-video.

    This way the Haali Media Splitter program is one of the basic tools to work with modern types of video. It distinguishes by a free, open source, hot fix defects in work, high stability when working with large files while maintaining high quality playback of a video, audio and subtitles, support for practically all Windows operating systems.






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