Honeyview 5.11

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    Honeyview – it’s a free image viewer that offers a high speed and the unique interface.

    The program provides basic functions for viewing pictures and photos, as well as advanced features for simple operations with images: image rotation, resizing, and applying some effects.

    Honeyview allows to open the most popular formats including camera lossless image formats (dng, crw, raf, srw and others) and the compressed image file formats (cbr, cbz, cbt, cb7, hv3).

    The main feature of the viewer is the unique interface that allows to switch between photos using the slidebar. A user can view all photos in the folder, and sort them.

    While viewing a photo, a user can mark favorite pictures and add thems to bookmarks. Besides, Honeyview will make any photo as a desktop background image.

    The slideshow function allows to view photos in an automatic mode with a certain delay between images.





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