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    HWiNFO is very high quality and at the same time a powerful tool to give the most detailed data about all hardware parts of your computer. HWiNFO supports the latest industry technologies and standards.

    There is a version for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. The program monitors the overall state of the system and gives the results. The user will be able to stay aware of temperature indicators, voltage, and power supply and so on. All information is recorded in the tables and brought in logs to allow comparisons with previous results of the verification system.

    Obtained information can be presented in the form of graphs. With additional gadgets, you can extend the functionality of the program. You can create reports in a variety of text formats - XML, CSV, HTML, MHTML.

    Constant updates will always keep the user up to date development software. Now you can find the most comprehensive information about all your computer microprocessors, including such details as the frequency and the brand, and to calculate the real CPU FSB.

    It supports more than four types of accelerators and graphics card. If desired, you can conduct comprehensive testing of the equipment and to know about the capacity of memory, CPU, disk devices. Also, there are buttons to quick navigate to websites where users can update hardware drivers or BIOS in the main window HWiNFO.

    There are main features of HWiNFO:

    • Obtains comprehensive information about the hardware devices;
    • Diagnostics the system’s status- temperature, fan speed, voltage, etc;
    • Tests benchmark details of the computer;
    • Creates special reports in different formats;
    • Has regular drivers updates;
    • Displays each hardware points;
    • HWiNFO adds more opportunities by constantly updating.






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