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    IcoFX is a program for creating, editing and extracting icons from resource files and programs. In general, this is unique graphics editor which has a lot of features and capabilities.

    IcoFX features

    • Create icons from scratch or to edit existing images;
    • Import / export icons;
    • Work with images in layers, using the built-in effects;
    • Support animated and static icons;
    • Convert image PNG, JPG, BMP, TIF, and GIF to ICO;
    • Extract icons from files and applications.

    Let's start with the fact that the software is absolutely free and has no limit on the terms and conditions to use. The functional set of the software is very multifunctional. There are only more than 40 special effects for making graphics as a form of icons.
    The application’s interface is very comfortable.

    The whole process of editing images and getting result works automatically. Moreover, all the basic tools and effects are settled in a side panel of the main window.

    The program is useful not only by a number of effects and simplicity of processing the images. This is convenient to create icons and assign those to specific file types from any kind of graphics. In other words, it is elementary to take your picture, and then create the desired icon with some clicks.

    Then check the properties of a file which you want to associate this icon and assign it. And here we notice another unique feature. This program works with Windows operating systems. Since the advent of Windows Vista, it offers the ability to view icons with translucent type.

    Therefore, the program allows the easy making and editing of the transparency. And, as well, there is the option of laying additional effects.

    You just have to use your imagination and get a great number of possible combinations.
    Unlike many image editors, in IcoFX you can work at several files at the same time. So, the processes of copying, cutting and pasting some parts become much faster.

    In conclusion, IcoFX was created, obviously, for fans of creation the special shortcuts for files of a certain type. And, if you have a great imagination, this program will be to the purpose.



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