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    ICQ – it’s a famous messenger, an online text chat, which appeared in nineties, and instantly won the Runet. Until the end of two thousandth ICQ was the personation of correspondence in Internet, the first alternative to the e-mail, its graphical interface, although it wasn’t the first, it set the standard for next, more refined customers. Besides a separate program the ICQ plug-in is used in many universal managers, such as Miranda IM, for example.

    Many ICQ abilities subsequently became the standard in the Internet communication through various services of online chats.

    The main features of the program are:

    • The existence of the user nickname - Login;
    • Usage of unique ID numbers, the UIN, there are even collecting and selling of old commercial, short UINs;
    • A questionnaire of a user at the registering (perhaps the first appearance in this form in RuNet);
    • Avatars;
    • A list of contacts by the phonebook type. It’s not just a list of correspondents but also an ability to sort them, send them into the "ignore", etc;
    • The introduction of statuses - indicators of user behavior (availability/presence in the network, for example);
    • An ability of private correspondence;
    • The peer technology of transferring the attached files, as in the current torrent. However, due to slow connection channels only text files and highly compressed photos were transmitted via ICQ.

    Perhaps the only serious drawback of the official ICQ client is an abundance of advertising, especially in the latest versions. However, there are amateur optimized assemblies without annoying flashing banners.





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