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    Image Tuner is a small program for simple operations with images. Most users never use more than 90% of all professional graphic editors' features - they simply don't need to work with layers and lots of color spaces.

    To use Adobe Photoshop only to resize amateur photo is very irrational, and on old computers - it's also quite long . Image Tuner allows to perform preprocessing of images very quickly, and practically without the prior training.

    Main features of Image Tuner

    • Resizing the original image, including also all at once, through the imposition of a fixed size for all files in a directory (the latter, of course, is not suitable for working with images when it is necessary to monitor the parameter manually);
    • The analogous function of group renaming;
    • Reading of most RAW-formats (but without a large number of filters and a fine picture tune);
    • Rotation, crop, rounding of edges;
    • Removal of the EXIF ​​data from a photo, it’s a good thing for privacy and, if necessary, an anonymous publication of images;
    • Some simple filters, primary color correction;
    • An ability to create high-quality watermarks without a need to master work with layers;
    • Conversion into a variety of raster image formats, but in terms of a color model the preference is given to the RGB.

    Image Tuner - is a good choice even for a professional photographer, since the program allows to see high-quality previews both as compressed images and RAW-data directly from the image sensor, it can help to reject obviously bad shots, and slightly adjust almost perfect shot. For the rest of the users, however, it will be useful in the vast majority of operations with images.






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