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    ImgBurn is a disc burning application which allows to perform various operations with CD, DVD, and BD discs.

    Recording data to disk

    ImgBurn allows to record files and folders to any discs. Prior burning, a user can change settings and options, select the recording speed, specify a volume label, and amount of copies.

    The program also allows to create a boot disk with a given type of emulation (floppy disc, hard disc) and for a specific platform (PC, Mac, UEFI).

    Recording image file to disk

    The main feature of the program is the ability to record an image file to a disk with preservation of all settings.
    ImgBurn supports a wide range of file formats, including BIN, CDI, CUE, DVD, FLAC, IMG, MDS, and ISO.

    Creating image file from disk

    This function is analogous to the creation of an image file from a disc, but in this case, a user can select random files and folders located on any info carriers.

    Disc checking

    A useful feature that allows to check optical disks on the integrity of disks data and on presence of errors. ImgBurn also allows to compare the data on a disk and the image file.

    Additional Features

    To additional features of ImgBurn should be referred a possibility of a disc clean-up by means of a few modes (Quick, Full, SmartErase), and creation of an audio file (in the format CUE), as well as DVD and MDS files.





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