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    IncrediMail – it's an application created to diversify e-mail both for a user and for one's correspondents. First of all, it's jokey and doesn't carry a purely functional extension of existing email services. After all, e-mail programs are already some of the oldest ones. They are always kept up to date, any self-respecting search engines contain, if not an ideal service for letters exchange, then certainly a working one.

    The reason of an appearance of such software – is both aesthetic and "trending" one. Visually, email clients are very conservative and, in general, the same. After all, e-mail by nature is very utilitarian, and the whole design is often reduced to the "Send" button, "answer" and "to attach a file."

    Smileys, being originally pure typographical characters, have remained as such at many postal services. However, the boom of social networks has led to the appearance of so-called emoticons - improved graphical symbols for transmitting a mood of a sender, these symbols are often animated.

    IncrediMail offers a huge library of emoticons - more than a thousand (virtually no web forum provides such a variety, not to mention mobile applications). Any letter can be arranged as unique and fun.

    IncrediMail, despite its apparent futility, creates much of positive mood. Instead of boring white sheets of a standard letter to a user's attention is offered a large number of high-resolution wallpaper.

    New versions of the program are experimenting with three-dimensional graphics (yet not too divorced, however, the library is being replenished with new version). The only thing of which the program can be blamed one – the "cartoon" design.

    It depends on the taste of each individual, besides, now animated smileys of similar styles present almost at all forums.





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